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Lion In Wait- A Multifandom RPG
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Lion In Wait- A Multifandom RPG


Cube Academy- An elementary-through-high all-girls boarding school located on a small, forested island about an hour or so away from the coast of Japan. It is known as 'Cube Island' for it's perfect square shape. Girls from all over come here for the best academic program in perhaps the world- And boys come from all over for... Their own reasons~&hearts

But so does everyone, really...

Characters from any anime, manga, movie, or video game are playable here.


-No spamming. Keep all posts related to the community. No promoting other communities or RPGs. Doing this will result in a warning, if it continues, it will result in a ban.

-No flaming. Bashing anyone for anything will result in a ban. We're here to have fun and roleplay, not fight. x_x

-No more than one character per person. No made-up characters allowed. No unofficial fan comics, webcomics, cartoons, etc. allowed, either.

-Watch your typing. no1 wants 2 reed dis. Watch your punctuation, spelling, etc; Occasional typos are excused, but try to mind how you write.

-Stay in character. The badass will not be glomping people, an idiot will not be doing trigonometry.

-Post once a week in your character's journal. Character journal posts must be in 1st person. For 3rd person posts, update in the community using this form. Failure to post in your character journal once a week will result in you losing your position. 3rd person community posts are optional.

-Applications are to be made here in the form of comments. In your application, focus only on your character- Don't decide the actions of any other character. Put "Beware of perverts!" somewhere in the title of your comment.

-You MAY choose a roommate, but both players must agree to room together, and both must comment to the request showing this agreement.

-GirlxGirl and GuyxGuy is welcome here. No arguments.

-These rules are subject to change at any time.


Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Mitsukai Dokuro - [deathxbyxspikes - Student]

Card Captor Sakura
Kinomoto Sakura - [bubbles_n_chai - Student]

Fate/Stay Night
Saber - [arturia - Student]
Tohsaka Rin - [noble_charm - Student]

Full Metal Alchemist
Winry Rockbell - [teh_wrench_g33k - Student]

Haru wo Daite Ita
Katou Youji - [love_symbol - Teacher]

Shinichi Okazaki - [shinichi_oka - Student]

Ouran High School Host Club
Hitachiin Kaoru - [playfuldesire - Student]

Pocket Monsters / Pokémon
Domino - [domino_tr_009 - Student]

Rizel - [rizeru_chan - Student]

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Tenjou Utena - [petite_prince - Student]

Tennis no Oujisama
Akira Kamio - [broken_rhythm - Student]

Yotsuba - [yotsuba_sensei - Teacher]

Dorms- (2 characters per dorm)
Room 1 - [deathxbyxspikes + noble_charm]
Room 2 - [teh_wrench_g33k + playfuldesire]
Room 3 - [middle_curse + broken_rythm]